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Scheduling and Routing

From waste collection to airline crew scheduling, there are many fields in many different industries, where NP-hard combinatorial problems are easy to be found. Project Scoparius is a cutting-edge technology tailored to the everyday needs of wast collecting companies. Through route and task optimation, it has never been easier to find optimal solutions, which are faster to execute, more efficient, and reduce carbon footprint. The core technology behind Scoparius is easy and fast to customize to any scheduling, routing problem, thus giving a huge opportunity for many day-to-day applications.

Tracking and Predicating

IoT supplies a lot of data, from camera images to sensorial information. It is often not trivial what truth lies in such a database, but finding the right model to extract important pieces of information, that is even a harder task. Spending most of our time developing technologies that rely on big data, and constraint optimization, our spin of vision is to generalize these tools, to make a broader spectrum of services. Of course, extracting relevant information is one thing, but foreseeing the future is another. By creating these tools as accurate as possible, we believe in supporting critical future strategic decisions.

AI powered Contact Center

Cutting-edge NLP and DRL enable a huge potential in customer service automation. From analyzing the user journey, understanding user needs in chat and voice communications, to even perform advanced non-linear conversations with customers. It is proven that over 60% of helpdesk interactions can be categorized into a given set of groups. By harnessing this knowledge, constantly learning from human agents, our technology can make a difference in handling peak inbound times, or even, in general, solve tasks that require less human intuition. Over time, there is a huge possibility, that more and more general tasks can be passed to AI.

AI powered NPC for Video Games

As technology evolves, the gaming industry gets more and more competitive. Most of the games have Non-Player Characters (NPCs) which are driven by some sort of pre-defined logic. As this logic gets more complicated, it often results in better enemy characters, more challenging gameplay. Our adaptive DRL technologies can be applied to make more intuitive NPCs, allowing game developers to differentiate themselvs from their competitors.


who we are

We are a small team dreaming big. We believe in the power of AI and HPC.
And our vision is to combine optimization techniques like Evolutionary Algorithms and Deep Learning to find solutions for problems that have been around in the world for many decades but had been overlooked. We believe in developing technologies that can make a difference, find a more optimal, greener, sustainable solution.

Our first product is Scoparius, which is capable of optimizing the everyday life of waste collecting companies, serving them a technology to tackle the complex routing problem a better way.

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